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"As the first semester ended for ___, I sincerely would like to thank you again for the kickstart you have given for him during Summer with Basic Skills of Chemistry. To put it in words, he said on the day before Chemistry final that your classes were "marvelous". He scored 100% on the Chemistry honors final. I believe it is because of the the summer camp and the confidence it helped to build  over the summer." SM (Parent of a 2016 Summer Basics of Chemistry student)

" My son took the SAT Chem in May after taking your class. The score came out and he got 800. Unbelievable. The class must be really good and useful. Thank you for that." JT (Parent of 2016 Basics of Chemistry student)

"Scores just came in and I got a 780! Thank you so much for all your help, I definitely would've gotten a much lower score without taking your class." Anusha Agarwal (2015 Guptachem student)

"The sessions we feel were of tremendous value to him. Can't appreciate enough for the encouragement." Srini Balusu (Parent of 2015 Guptachem student)