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Why should you take Mrs. Gupta's Classes?

I am a knowlegeable and passionate teacher, who has helped many students build strong foundation of chemistry for success in high school and beyond over my 20 years of teaching. I have effectively engaged students in the learning of chemistry through rich, innovative and relevant curriculum.  My belief is that a stronger foundation yields a sustained learning of chemistry for the future. My students have represented U.S. in the International Chemistry Olympiad and have won many awards for my outstanding teaching including National Geographic Fellow and Grosvenor Teacher Fellow.
I find that the true gift as a teacher is to meet individual learner needs.  In addition, I have been actively engaged in professional learning community as a writer, presenter and steering committee member. Click here for more information about me.

What courses are offered by Mrs. Gupta?

1. SAT II Chemistry Online Course 2. SAT II Chemistry Online Class with Youtube Live Video Support:  3. Basics of Chemistry via Youtubelive (16 hours of online live lectures/help with practice problems)  Check details under courses tab.

What does online SAT II curriculum look like?

Entire SAT II curriculum is divided into 8 learning modules. Each learning module consists of video lectures, powerpoint presentations, problem sets and reasoning questions . Students have 24/7 online access to these modules in addition to 10 hours of youtube live help from Mrs. Gupta. Here is a Sample Learning Module. Upto 3 hours of homework per week should be expected fora successful experience for  SAT II Chemistry prep class.  

How do I sign up for the course?

You can sign up for the course after creating an account and paying for the course here. There are no refunds or cancellations.
Contact me at if you have any questions.